Dave Pennington

Dave Pennington


Elected in 2017

Dave is a life--long United fan. Watching home and away including Europe is a shared family passion. He's been increasingly involved in MUST over the last five years with a focus on delivering for our match-going supporters and is proud of the results that we have achieved. While we have our own Trust identity and focus, we deliver more through working with fellow Trusts and our national bodies. To that end Dave has led engagement and campaigning in both Supporters Direct (SD) and the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) and was recently elected to the FSF National Council. As a newly elected Board member Dave will lead our Refresh Campaign to recruit new Match Going members and to improve and increase the services that we provide for them.
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Duncan Drasdo

Duncan Drasdo


There are few people who have put in as many hours, worn as many hats, solved as many problems, and devoted as much of their personal time ensuring that MUST runs on a daily basis than Duncan. Nearly the entirety of MUST's administrative apparatus owes its existence and good functioning to his tireless work. He'd probably be upset that we wrote this, but maybe he'll also accept the immense gratitude and appreciation all of us have for his endeavours.
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Elected in 2015

Born, bred and educated in Manchester, Gerald qualified as a solicitor in 1976 having decided that life as an Automobile Association repairman was not really for him. Gerald founded Steel & Shamash solicitors in 1981, and has acted as solicitor to the Labour Party since 1990.

Gerald is recognised as one of the leading practitioners in the country in his areas of expertise which are:

  • Election law (both local and parliamentary, and incorporating European, Scottish and Welsh elections)
  • Parliamentary boundary inquiries
  • Judicial Review (Public Law)
  • Local Government
  • Standards Board and Adjudication Tribunals for councillors
  • Parliamentary rules relating to the conduct of Members of Parliament.

He is recognised in the Legal 500, and by Chambers and Partners as amongst the Best of the UK (Band 1) within the category of Parliamentary & Public Affairs: Electoral Law.

He is the Labour Party's election lawyer. He acts for both the National Executive Committee and National Constitutional committee on disciplinary matters, and in giving general advice. He advises both national and local politicians on Standards in Parliament and local government. He has represented the Labour Party on parliamentary and local government boundary reviews, and at ministerial meetings and conferences.

His position as solicitor to the Labour Party, and the Society of Labour Lawyers, has closely involved Gerald with legislative reform of electoral law. In this capacity he meets regularly with Ministers and has contributed to a number of consultations, most recently in the development of the Electoral Administration Act 2006.

He has also advised and represented members and officers of the Labour Party throughout the recent police investigation into 'Cash for Honours' and election funding.

Crucially, from a United point of view he has been a fan since he was 8 - how time flies! And if he hadn't become a lawyer he says he wouldn't have minded playing up front for United. His most used article of clothing is his United scarf.

Gerald was elected to serve as Chair of M.U.S.T. at the AGM in July 2012 and served through October 2021.

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Ian Stirling

Ian Stirling


Ian has been a passionate, vocal supporter of fan ownership since joining SU/MUST in 2004. Born in Blackpool but a Salfordian by choice. He grew up in Salford with Old Trafford as his back drop and attended his first game in 1973 - a reserve match which cost just 5 pence to get in.

He strongly believes that football clubs should benefit the community and fans rather than a corporate asset of distant owners who are only motivated by profit. He would like to see a day when football fans are valued for the contribution they make to the club in terms of passion and pride and not for how much money can be squeezed out of them.

The first thing he would like to see when MUST have achieved their aims is to get 'Football Club' back on the badge.

He is also an active member of IMUSA.

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JD  Deitch

JD Deitch


Elected in 2021

JD joined Shareholders United in January 2004 after his first trip to Old Trafford (13 Dec 2003, United 3-1 city). During United’s 2004 US Tour, JD recruited members and promoted Shareholders United across America. Up to and after the Glazer takeover, he worked behind the scenes building and maintaining MUST's websites and membership systems. From 2007 and through the Green and Gold movement, he would become instrumental in defining MUST's strategy with Duncan and the Board. After a number of years focusing on work and family, he has returned to active duty to help MUST achieve its goals. He was elected Chair of MUST in 2021.
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Nick  Towle

Nick Towle


Elected in 2005

Nick's a lifelong southern Red whose first United memory as a kid was a newspaper front page in 1966: George Best coming down the steps of an airplane with a sombrero on his head under the headline "El Beatle!" having just beaten Benfica practically single handed. United and the Beatles - what glamour, what a decade!

His first game was Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 1971. United won 2-1 with goals from Gowling and Willie Morgan (no Georgie though - never saw him).

On growing up, Nick went to Oxford and studied law, then straightaway afterwards joined a rock band with some friends, including a guitarist who played with Ugly Rumours, Tony Blair's band. (He's always been well-connected!). After failing to make No 1 (much less TOTP), he went back to law with tail between legs but at least "got it out of his system" (or so he tells us).

A lawyer specialising in corporate law in emerging markets, Nick's been with SU/MUST since the SUAM campaign, poking people with a legal stick occasionally and generally getting in the way. Having spent much time among the good and humorous people of Manchester et ses environs, he feels he's accurately described by the line "lifelong, soft, southern git; middle-class ponce, knob head Red".

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Paul  Brooks

Paul Brooks


Elected in 2007

The first football match Paul ever attended was Bristol Rovers v. Manchester United on Sat 7th Jan. 1956. It was the 3rd round of the FA Cup. He was 4 years old as he watched the Rovers smash 4 goals past the stunned United keeper from his Dad's shoulders. Two years later the tragedy of Munich was to rob the world of the Busby Babes. As his Dad was a lifelong Rovers fan, Paul followed in his footsteps and was unaware of the significance of all this at the time. Little did he know that 17 years later he was going to emigrate to the Republic of Mancunia. At that point his acquaintance with the Reds was renewed and now everything is red. (Although he still checks the Rovers results every Saturday...there's still that little bit of blue in the blood!)

Paul joined Shareholders United because he believes that football has gradually been taken away from grass roots supporters. How many fathers can afford to take their 4 yr olds to matches now? He believes that the only way that real supporters can gain an influence in their club is to own it. Paul therefore supports the idea of a democratic ownership by fans of their clubs by means of not-for-profit organisations. Manchester United is the legacy of those supporters on whose shoulders it has been raised. It is a community asset and must remain so. It must never be allowed to fall into the hands of a few rich men whose only thoughts are for the profits not the football.

'I believe the Manchester United Supporter's Trust is the ONLY organisation which can defend Manchester United from such a fate. I will fight for the right to own my club until my last breath.

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