MUST statement regarding Club decision on Mason Greenwood

Since our inception, MUST has had a general policy of not commenting on player matters. However, given the exceptional circumstances and importance of the issue, we have elected to make the following statement related to the Club’s decision to clarify that Mason Greenwood will never play for Manchester United again.
Since the deeply distressing initial allegations surfaced, this episode has been allowed to drag out for far too long as the Club has carried out an investigative process. Moreover, the complete lack of consultation with fans even with respect to process added fuel to the fire. Whilst the speculation and discussion in the last couple of weeks has been profoundly unhelpful and reflected very poorly on the Club, it is clear that they have in the end reached the right decision.
We are relieved that this matter can now be put behind us and will be working with the Club to ensure lessons have been learned from this very troubling episode.
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