Ian Stirling illness (MUST ISLO - Independent Supporter Liaison Officer)

We are sorry to report that Ian Stirling, our great friend and brilliant ISLO, is presently seriously ill in hospital and will not be able to perform his role as ISLO for the foreseeable future.

Ian is well known and much loved by many of you, and is one of the best known figures in our fanbase. Everyone at MUST is sending him and his family our best wishes and support and we very much hope to see him back at MUST and at Old Trafford as soon as that is possible.

MUST is attempting to cover the core ISLO service in his absence but please only email if you have an issue (such as a sanction, rather than a question) that cannot be dealt with by the club ( or others.

We are asking people who know him to resist sending him direct messages at this time as he is unable to respond and it may create unnecessary anxiety/frustration. However if you'd like to send a supportive comment to raise his spirits, when he is able to read them, please use this form to post it here and we will ensure these are shared with him.

When we have an update we will post it but in the meantime we won't be responding to questions about his status until we have new information.

Thanks to everyone for their support in these difficult circumstances for Ian, his family and friends.
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